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About IBL

IBL is one of the largest diversified groups in Mauritius and the largest company in the country in terms of market capitalisation (excluding the financial sector).

The Group is active in a wide range of industries from seafood and hospitality to pharmaceutical and financial products. IBL is also known to consumers through popular brands such as Winner's, MedActiv, Eagle Insurance, Espace Maison, The Lux Collective, Café LUX*, Koté Vins, Gros Cailloux, Arcadia Travel, Alalila (online taxi service) and LCF, all gathered within its fidelity program wiiv. The Group's team amounts to nearly 22,000 people working in more than 18 countries around the world. 

IBL is listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange. It is also among the top 13 Mauritian companies to have been listed on the sustainability index of the Mauritius Stock Exchange (SEMSI). To learn more about IBL Together, visit:

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