wiiv Rewards

Score with Ala-lila and wiiv!

Euro 2024 Offer

wiivers, EARN bonus wiiv points when they pre-book and travel with an Ala-lila taxi on any Match Days during the Euro 2024 and spend a minimum of Rs500 for their trip.

- 10 Bonus wiiv points up to the quarter finals

- Double wiiv points for the Semi-finals and final

Score with Ala-lila and wiiv!


- Offer valid for the duration of the Euro 2024 football competition from 14 June to 14 July 2024

- Offer is only valid for bookings done on days when there is a Euro 2024 match being played

- Minimum trip fare to earn the bonus points: Rs500

- The bonus points shall be awarded at the end of the offer period

- The customer must register a valid wiiv ID in their Ala-lila account to earn the wiiv points.

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