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Fondation Joseph Lagesse


Founded in 2005, Fondation Joseph Lagesse is the foundation of IBL and is recognised for its long-term community-based programs. Chemin Rail and Bois Marchand are two localities that have been and still are benefiting from its expertise in community development and quality education. Financial support from various organisations and CSR funds, enables the foundation to pursue its mission towards vulnerable families and children, and underserved neighbourhoods. Its long-term commitment targets the shift needed to overcome poverty, stigma and to aim for a better life with equal opportunities and services.

To know more on the programs set up by Fondation Joseph Lagesse: www.fondationjosephlagesse.org


Enjoy donating your wiiv points to a good cause and convert points online (1 point = 1 Rs) as a donation to make people life better. You can be sure that with Fondation Joseph Lagesse, your contribution will be used directly to alleviate poverty, to give access to education and to empower families.

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