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Small Step Matters


Small Step Matters is a social fundraising platform for organisations (NGOs/ Foundations) and individuals who wish to promote social and environmental projects in Mauritius or for Mauritians. Small Step Matters is a non-profit organisation which primary objective is to bring together project promoters and benefactors, who wish to donate funds or time and to hereby contribute to the progress of the Mauritian society, today and tomorrow.
Its mission is to democratise donations in Mauritius, making them more accessible. Small Step Matters becomes a showcase for project promoters in Mauritius and a One Stop Shop for Citizens who wish to help their neighbours or their country. Each project, if helpful, and each donation, even small, represent small steps that contribute in making a difference against indifference.

For more information: www.smallstepmatters.org


Enjoy donating your wiiv points to a good cause and convert points online (1 point = 1 Rs) as a donation to make people’s life better. You can be sure that with Small Steps Matter, your contribution will be used directly to make a brighter Mauritius for all.

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