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Booking a taxi has never been so simple!
Ala-lila is an innovative service offered by Logidis which enables individuals to book their taxi online in an easy and simple manner. Ala-lila is a unique taxi booking system that brings you safely to your destination while ensuring an excellent customer service. Bookings can easily be made on Ala-lila mobile app stores or the website www.alalila.mu, with transparent fares displayed beforehand.

Do not forget to register your wiiv membership ID to your ala-lila account to benefit from your wiiv rewards.


To check out our special offers with Ala-lila, log in to your wiiv account from:

  1. the website and go to 'Special deals' here.
  2. the wiivRewards app and scroll through the 'Special deals' on the home page.


Earn 4 wiiv points on every Rs 100 spent when you book a taxi on Ala-lila app or website*.

*Terms and conditions apply.


Enjoy online after login your wiiv points (1 point = 1 Rs) with e-vouchers on Ala-lila app or website.

*Terms and conditions apply.

  • Ala-lila

    Royal Road,
    Riche Terre
    Tel: 8959
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