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Launched in 1994 and a member of the IBL Group, Winner’s is a supermarket chain with 25 stores located in all the strategic points of the island. Due to its geographical convenience, Winner’s first established itself in all rural areas to meet the need for commodities. Winner’s brand has always strived to be as close as possible to its customers and will keep on evolving in that manner. Winner’s has become, in ten years, the preferred supermarket of the Mauritian households due to its strong expertise in this sector. Its core values are namely: human relations, achieving excellence, integrity and responsibility.

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Earn 1 wiiv point on every Rs 200 spent at Winner’s*.

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Enjoy your collected wiiv points to pay (1 point = 1 Rs) in-store or online on the e-commerce Winner’s platform.

  • Winner's Bambous

    Royal Road,
    Tel: 452 5743
  • Winner's Bel Air

    Royal Road,
    Bel Air
    Tel: 419 4209
  • Winner's Boulet Rouge

    Flacq Shopping Mall,
    Boulet Rouge,
    Centre de Flacq
    Tel: 413 0800
  • Winner's Chemin Grenier

    Royal Road,
    Chemin Grenier
    Tel: 622 7398
  • Winner's Coromandel

    Morc Montreal,
    Beau Bassin
    Tel: 233 2201
  • Winner's Flacq

    Quatre Cocos Road,
    Centre de Flacq
    Tel: 413 6209
  • Winner's Forest Side

    Frederick Bonnefin,
    Forest Side,
    Tel: 670 5420
  • Winner's Goodlands Royal Road, Street 2 St Antoine, City

    Royal Road,
    St Antoine,
    Tel: 282 1570
  • Winner's Péreybere

    Royal Road,
    Tel: 263 2700
  • Winner's Plaine Magnien

    Gobin Building,
    Ex Airport Road,
    Plaine Magnien
    Tel: 637 9753
  • Winner's Plaisance Shopping Village

    Plaisance Shopping Village,
    Royal Road, 51812,
    Plaisance Airport Road,
    Rose Belle
    Tel: 6600700
  • Winner's Port Louis

    Corner Celicourt Antelm,
    Rev Lebrun Streets,
    Port Louis
    Tel: 208 6293
  • Winner's Quatre Bornes

    Corner Street Kiwi, Corner Street,
    Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam,
    Quatre Bornes
    Tel: 460 0700
  • Winner's Rivière du Rempart

    Riverside Complex,
    Rivière du Rempart
    Tel: 412 0700
  • Winner's Roches Brunes

    Avenue Pigeot,
    Roche Brunes,
    Beau Bassin
    Tel: 465 0873
  • Winner's Rose Hill

    Boundary Road,
    Rose Hill

    Tel: 465 1534
  • Winner's Saint Paul

    Jules Koenig Street,
    St Paul,
    Tel: 696 3700
  • Winner's Saint Pierre

    Kendra Shopping Centre,
    Royal Road,
    St Pierre
    Tel: 433 0700
  • Winner's Terre Rouge

    Royal Road,
    Terre Rouge

    Tel: 249 2770
  • Winner's Trianon

    La City Trianon,
    Quatre Bornes,
    Plaine Wilhems
    Tel: 460 0800
  • Winner's Triolet

    Le Tadbir,
    Royal Road,
    Tel: 261 8607
  • Winner's Vacoas

    Ex Reunion Sugar Factory,
    Tel: 698 4329
  • Winner’s Cascavelle

    Cascavelle Shopping Mall,
    Flic en Flac
    Tel: 452 9060
  • Winner’s Curepipe

    195, Route Royale,
    Tel: 670 7810
  • Winner’s Garden Tower

    La Poudrière Street,
    Port Louis
    Tel: 212 0700
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